Tough Mutha testimonials 6I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette during my training at the Twenty Four Hour Gym. With my limited knowledge and know how I knew I needed help, not only with training, but motivation and nutrition.

Jeanette has not only been there for me while I’m training but also Im in the comfort of my own home and need a bit of extra encouragement and answering my silly questions. No matter the hour, she always has the time to help others and is always done without me feeling like a complete idiot

Last November I had the pleasure of taking part in a Fraser Island 20km Walk that Jeanette organised and orchestrated . I spent days doubting that I would be able to get half way let alone finish it.

Tough Mutha testimonials 7However during the whole hike. the constant encouragement and support that Jeanette provided me not only allowed me to finish, but finish with a decent time – to say I was happy is a understatement, I never thought I would be able to accomplish this in a million years.

I wouldn’t have made it through my tough times without her.
Jeanette’s love and dedication helps encourage me into keeping up with my fitness and health and I would recommend her for any position that she sets her sights on. Giving up is not something that she knows.

– Bec Nightingale | November 2012