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Turia Pitt Motivational Talk

  On Saturday the 6th of June I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to the very inspirational Turia Pitt at the Brolga Theatre Maryborough. Turia was burned terribly to 65% of her body in Sept 2011 by a grassfire when competing in a 100km Ultra Marathon across the Kimberley. She mentioned she passed away […]

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10KM CHALLENGE + Camera Practice!!!! Sun 14th June!

(Community Hike) All Welcome! Visit the Z Force Commando Ruins & McKenzie Jetty 7km then head up to the Kingfisher Bay Look Out 3km approx. Email me for more details: pt@jeanettemaynes.com.au “During World War Two, the area near McKenzie’s Jetty was used by the Services Reconnaissance Department (popularly known as “Z Special Unit”) as a special […]

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Mt Warning – near the Queensland border 1,156 m

. Mt Warning  1,156 m (3,793 ft) above sea level, near the Queensland border. 9km, return walk took me 2:25mins, 1420 calories burn’t. What a magical spiritual experience, beautiful rainforest the whole way, I’ll definitely be climbing this mountain again!

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Mount Kosciuszko – Australia’s Highest Mountain 2,228 m

. Today I climbed Mount Kosciuszko! 2,228 metres (7,310 ft) above sea level, Australia’s Highest Mountain Distance: 22km (loop) – Charlotte Pass to Blue Lake, Main Range & Summit Walk home. 2535 calories burnt. It was freezing at the top, you can hear the wind in the clip, magical scenery, saw one black centipede, one black […]

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7 News Clip – DUE TO NEW (Late Jan 2015) DINGO SAFETY RULES: DO NOT RUN. RUNNING OR JOGGING CAN TRIGGER NEGATIVE DINGO INTERACTION. – MINISTERS OFFICE: I’m still waiting on a response from the new minister’s office on – What is the current governments view / stance on this? – COMMUNICATION FROM TEAM LEADER […]

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Fraser Island Marathon 2015

“If You Ain’t On Fraser, You Ain’t No Where!” I am proud to announce I am the organiser & Race Director of the 2015 Fraser Island Marathon. LATEST UPDATE – PROPOSED RACE DATE SUNDAY 19th JULY 2015 • EVENT PENDING (EARLY MARCH): proposed route confirmation & final plotting – waiting for fire bans to lift, numbers […]

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Lake McKenzie 20km Hike #15

Another Awesome Adventure Day and Community Hike was had on Fraser Island on Nov 1st, with a 20km return walk from Kingfisher Bay to Lake McKenzie in 2:59mins mins return! 2,200 calories ✔ I had 26 Awesome hikers this time, with different levels of fitness, some of the guys were also on my 4 Week Program […]

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90km Fraser Island Great Walk in 2.5days!

WOW!! What an awesome five day Adventure on Fraser Island!!! We walked the 90km Fraser Island Great Walk in just 2.5 days! (Myself, Carol, Susie & Tash – the Awesome Foursome!) Starting at Dilli Village 6:30am on Friday morning, we trail walked through the amazing surrounds to Happy Valley by Sunday lunch 12noon! Staying at […]

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Parkrun Hervey Bay

. Hervey Bay ParkRun is a fun day for everyone and is organised by Jeanette Grigoris, more details contact via Facebook page HERE! Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group HERE! Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. These events take place in pleasant parkland […]

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Isagenix, Herbalife Life, Biggest Loser Shakes / Meal Replacements

The other night I watched an interesting story on A Current Affair on Isagenix. View here. Excellent & Eye Opening read here “The Skinny on Isagenix” The Sydney Morning Herald 29.01.2015 I don’t believe in drinking meal replacements as I feel they don’t teach you how to eat properly (something you have to master for the […]

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