“Wow Jeanette! 

Tough Mutha testimonials 2What an experience!
In the beginning, I didn’t think I was fit enough or strong enough to run. I also believed you had to have a certain physique to be a runner.
Thanks to your coaching, I now know I’m made of tough stuff & have thrown away those preconceived negative thoughts about running.
Besides feeling fitter, trimming down & breathing better, running has also enabled me to think of other areas of my life, & ask “what more am I capable of?”
You are a great coach, and I know your motivating energy, had lots to do with it.
Thanks, from the bottom of my feet! X”
– Cheryl Virgo
Noosa 10km Run | May 2012

More info here: http://jeanettemaynes.com.au/2012/05/07/noosa-half-marathon-2/