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Packaged foods can be surprisingly high in salt, fat and sugar. Use FoodSwitch for healthy grocery shopping and make better food choices for you and your family.

FoodSwitch now comes with a new ‘’GlutenSwitch’’ feature to help you find out whether a food product contains gluten. It can also show you if gluten-free alternative products are available, listed in order of healthiness.

FoodSwitch also comes with a SaltSwitch feature to help people looking specifically to lower their salt intake.

So if you haven’t tried it already, download FoodSwitch to help you find out what’s in the food you’re eating, and make simple switches to the healthier choices listed by the app for better health now and in the future.

How it works


Scan barcodes of packaged foods with your smartphone or tablet camera to get easy-to-interpret nutritional information for more than 37,000 products, with traffic light-style colour-coded ratings for 4 key food components (total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt).


Get a list of similar foods that are healthier choices. If you’re in GlutenSwitch mode, the app lists any gluten-free alternatives and orders them based on how healthy they are. If you’re in SaltSwitch mode, you get a list of lower-salt alternatives

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