4 Week Program, Weight Loss, Fitness, Gym, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast


What is the start date?
Every day is a chance to change!
This is a program you can start anytime, perform anywhere anytime, not just for the 4 weeks, it’s FOREVER …. but 4 weeks straight of being strict and exact will shotgun initial weight loss and results … potentially up to a KILO A WEEK OR MORE!

4 Week Program - Weight Loss, Fitness, Gym, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast Does this program help with my mind?
You will be introduced to some of the most inspiring and inspirational information and resources out there to reprogram your thoughts, behaviours, negative habits and self sabotage from the Absolute Best life coaches on these subjects in the world!

Does this program have a meal plan?
There is a meal plan to follow that is approved by an APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian).
You will also learn how to and where to research your favourite meals, new meals and exciting recipes to incorporate.


Meal plan and nutritional advice Approved by Health Divine Dietitian Peter St Henry an APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian). Peter provides professional dietary assessment, education and coaching should you require his professional assistance.

Does this program come with an exercise plan?
There is a strength program for the gym.
A strength program for home or outdoors.
Cardio program, stretches and loads of exercise ideas!

Is this a Diet?4 Week Program - Weight Loss, Fitness, Gym, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast
The 4 Week Program is NOT a ‘DIET’, we need to eliminate that word from our vocabulary!
It is the correct and only way that works, clean healthy eating and regular exercise.
It is SCIENTIFIC, MATHEMATICAL and FOOLPROOF; so if you follow the instructions and program exactly you CANNOT FAIL!
NO more saying, “I’ve tried everything….. (EXCUSE!!!)”
The 4 Week Program provides knowledge you will be able to APPLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND UNDERSTAND!

Will I be able to follow the program if I have limited time or work long hours?
The meal and exercise plan is flexible to fit around your schedule.
The meals are simple, easy and quick to prepare.
You can make extra or prepare the night before.
Always keep healthy snacks handy or a packet of soup in your handbag!

Will the meal plan suit me if I am fussy? Or a vegetarian?
If you don’t like a meal, just choose one from another day or research your favourite meals to incorporate.
Simply substitute tofu into the meals with meat.
No Excuses Now.

How quickly can I expect results?
Most participants are experiencing weight drops on the scales in the first week!
Between 2 – 4 weeks is optimal to see and feel exciting results if you are strict with your new habits and behaviours.
The 4 Week program is also perfect for those stubborn last five kilo’s!
Remember upping the exercise and intensity brings on quicker results!

Is the food expensive?
You will most probably save on what you are currently spending on groceries!

Is there support?
You can email anytime or follow the facebook page.

Is this a once off payment?
Only $9.50
Works out under $2.50 a week for the tools to SUCCESS!
All prices are in Australian Dollars.
Sorry No refunds. Because of the nature of the order, digital items are non-refundable.
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