Tough Mutha testimonials 3I have had the privilege of Jeanette Mayne’s encouragement and support both personally and physically over the last 12 years. Only over the past 12 months have I taken advantage of Jeanette’s mentoring in the transformation of a healthier me and lifestyle.

During this journey I had the pleasure in partaking in one of Jeanette Mayne’s 20 km hiking adventures on Fraser Island as well as weekly mentoring in gym activities and lifestyle walks.

Tough Mutha testimonials 5I have always found Jeanette to be professional, well equipped with resources and knowledge along with her amazing personality and motivation quotes and gestures when the going gets tough.

I can proudly say because of this remarkable women I have achieved physical goals I never thought possible. I would highly recommend Jeanette in any position she chooses as her dedication and passion within the fitness industry is second to none.

Thank you Jeanette for your perseverance. Because of you I now have a new lease of life and hobby I never dreamed I would participate in. Your passion, endurance, motivation and knowledge will only take you to amazing places in which you truly deserve

.- Adrian Scheuer | March 2013