Jeanette Maynes “The Motivator” you are an inspiration to all, first was your 4 Week Program that gave me the nutritional strength to train more and your 10KM & 20 KM Challenges bought the fire out in me to ‘step up to the plate’ and take my life into my own hands and to another dimension.

I just had another amazing experience this morning and I must thank you Jeanette for coming with me and perhaps setting the pace abit too LOL, I had the head in gear and felt great most of the way but the physical body I had to push that last 2km. But I did it I achieved the 21km Half Marathon distance and recorded PB’s all the way.

I am so grateful and humbled to have completed my goal, thanx again Jeanette, think I just dropped 4kg with that perfect cleanse from sweating so so much, OMG what and amazing feeling, this is living. Feeling on top of the world!

Your ‘Motivation’ is total infectious, I still hear those words you said today “Strong Mind, Strong Body” Failure was not an option for me today, thank you from the bottom of my heart xx Weight Loss – 4kg in 4 weeks and 8cm! + trashed toe nails!”

– Carol McNaughton