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10KM CHALLENGE + Camera Practice!!!! Sun 14th June!

(Community Hike) All Welcome!
Visit the Z Force Commando Ruins & McKenzie Jetty 7km
then head up to the Kingfisher Bay Look Out 3km approx.
Email me for more details: pt@jeanettemaynes.com.au

“During World War Two, the area near McKenzie’s Jetty was used by the Services Reconnaissance Department (popularly known as “Z Special Unit”) as a special forces training camp – the Fraser Commando School. Thousands of soldiers were trained here because the conditions were similar to those found on Pacific Islands where the Japanese were fought. Lake McKenzie was used for parachute training and the wreck of the Maheno was used for explosive demolitions practice.
Visitors to the site of the Fraser Commando School today can still see various relics of its military past including armour plates used to test armour piercing explosive charges and weapons and a concrete relief map of Singapore Harbour used as an aid in operations planning.”

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